Parque Mayer is the theme of the Great March

23 marches will parade to the sound of the Grande Marcha de Lisboa whose theme will be Parque Mayer – an iconic place in the City of Lisbon.

The announcement of the theme was made by Carlos Moedas, at the trophies delivery ceremony for this year’s Popular Marches, which took place in Paços do Concelho (on the 11th). “With her, a cycle ends and a new chapter for the marches begins”, as stated by Pedro Moreira, president of the EGEAC Board of Directors.

Open to all people residing in Portugal, the “Grande Marcha 2023” contest, which will be launched soon, chooses the composition (lyrics and music) that will be presented and interpreted by all the Popular Marches in Lisbon, in the pavilion presentations and in the Avenida da Liberdade parade.

Alignment on Avenue

On the 8th of November, the 2023 Popular Marches were drawn with the participation of all the collectivities and marches involved. The alignment is as follows:

Marcha Infantil
Marcha dos Mercados
Marcha Santa Casa

1.° Marcha de São Domingos de Benfica
2.° Marcha da Mouraria
3.º Marcha da Penha de França
4.° Marcha de São Vicente
5.° Marcha de Belém
6.° Marcha da Graça
7.º Marcha de Alfama
8.º Marcha do Bairro da Boavista
9.º Marcha do Lumiar
10.º Marcha do Bairro Alto
11.° Marcha de Santa Engrácia
12.° Marcha da Madragoa
13.º Marcha dos Olivais
14.º Marcha do Alto do Pina
15.º Marcha de Alcântara
16.º Marcha da Bica
17.° Marcha da Ajuda
18.º Marcha de Marvila
19.º Marcha do Castelo
20.° Marcha de Carnide

Alignment in the Pavilion

June 2
Marcha Infantil
Marcha de S. Domingos de Benfica
Marcha do Bairro da Boavista
Marcha da Madragoa
Marcha da Graça
Marcha da Bica
Marcha do Alto do Pina
Marcha do Lumiar

June 3
Marcha dos Mercados
Marcha dos Olivais
Marcha do Castelo
Marcha de Alcântara
Marcha da Mouraria
Marcha do Bairro Alto
Marcha de Carnide
Marcha de Belém

June 4
Marcha Santa Casa
Marcha da Ajuda
Marcha de Marvila
Marcha da Penha de França
Marcha de S. Vicente
Marcha de Santa Engrácia
Marcha de Alfama

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