Parque Nascente implements Coloradd® to facilitate the experience of people with color blindness

On June 10th, at 2 pm, everyone is invited to the official opening of the application of the chromatic system in Parque Nascente through the presence of Miguel Neiva, creator of ColorADD®.

During the weekend, various activities will take place, such as the use of chromatic filter glasses, so that customers can understand the real impact that this disturbance in color perception has on their daily lives.

Parque Nascente, like Espaço Guimarães and Aqua Portimão, implements the ColorADD® system, making it more inclusive for color blind people. The code will be all over the shopping center, from car parks and various areas used by customers and even in the waste separation areas for internal teams, in order to make the space more inviting and easier to navigate for people with color blindness

This initiative is part of the social responsibility policy of the Klépierre Group – owner and manager of more than 100 shopping centers in Europe, it will be implemented in the other shopping centers managed by the Group throughout Europe. For Stéphanie Lopes,We are proud to be the first shopping centers in Portugal to put into practice ColorADD®, a color system that allows identifying colors through graphic symbols and that makes the visit of people with color blindness more pleasant and simplified. We are constantly changing and looking for improvements aimed at the well-being and inclusion of all. Portugal being the first country to implement this initiative adds more value to shopping centers and our community. We want our customers to have the best experience, to feel welcome, and comfortable, and to fully enjoy our spaces and services.

ColorADD®, the color system that helps the color blind
The ColorADD® color system was created in Portugal, with the aim of making communication more efficient, responsible, and inclusive. The code allows those who have dyschromatopsia, better known as color blindness, to identify colors, whenever these are a factor of identification, orientation, or choice. Through 5 graphic symbols that represent the primary colors – yellow, magenta, and blue – as well as white and black. From the joining of these symbols, as with the addition of colors, it is possible to create new graphic symbols, which represent the remaining colors. It is also possible to refer to light and dark colors if these symbols are inside white or black squares.

Color blindness is a genetic disease that consists of the difficulty or inability of a person to distinguish some or all colors. It affects about 350 million people worldwide and it is estimated that in Portugal, 500,000 men and 27,000 women suffer from this inability to identify colors. Color is one of the most used means of communication: it is in traffic signs, in nutritional information, and even in the clothes we wear. According to some data, 41% of people with color blindness have had difficulty integrating and 90% ask for help when buying clothes.

Parque Nascente invites everyone to experience a more inclusive shopping center.

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