Parque Nascente opens a collective piece of art inspired by its community and Porto

June 25, 7:00 pm on the 2nd floor with showcase of renowned pianist Júlio Resende

To celebrate the unconditional love and pride that the people of Porto have for their city and the region of Porto, Parque Nascente presents Azul Cale: a collective piece of art, composed of more than 50 individual pieces, built-in different materials and exhibited throughout 25 meters suspended.

You will be able to discover this proof of love for Porto and the region from June 25th.

The collective work of art starts on the 2nd floor and ends on the -3rd floor, making it the largest piece ever exhibited in Parque Nascente. Composed of six lines that integrate different elements along its entire length, the piece is a demonstration of love for the region made up of more than 50 suspended elements.

The process to reach Azul Cale began in mid-2021. Parque Nascente aimed to create a space to celebrate and honor its community, offering something unique and differentiating that everyone would be proud of. In this sense, it launched the #ArteComTodos Project, integrated within the scope of the #MãosComVida project, included in its Actforgood policy. In the first phase, 2 workshops were developed, with the participation of 20 people, including customers and shopkeepers of the shopping center, who were challenged to express what they feel for the Porto region through drawings and plasticine pieces. From these workshops, the various elements that now make up the piece on display were born.

The next phase involved the creative process of translating all the elements into a single art object that could be exhibited with the curatorship of Bruno Pereira from Lab Design / Departamento.

Some of the pieces are words like “Saudade”, Love, Tradition, Pride, or Life. Others refer to monuments in the region, such as the various bridges over the Douro or the Clérigos. Still, others are very personal symbols that the workshop participants wanted to highlight as a souvenir of the region.

The creation of this piece is a reflection of the good times that customers have at Parque Nascente and, therefore, each of the pieces was designed in detail using vibrant colors that convey the energy, happiness, and lightness of the region, among them yellow, the hot pink, the fluorescent green, and purple. Without ever missing the blue so traditionally associated.

The piece is called Azul Cale: it tells the story that Portus Cale was an ancient city in Roman Galicia located in the current region of Porto. During the Middle Ages, the current region was called Condado Portucalense, becoming known as Porto Cale (Cale in Greek means beautiful).

It opens on June 25 at 7 pm with a free concert by Júlio Resende for all customers and visitors to Parque Nascente. In the exhibition area, you can also have the opportunity to see the testimonies of the participants and get to know the faces and stories behind the pieces that make up Azul Cale.

Over the next few months, Parque Nascente will promote the visit of artists from the most diverse areas so that they can also show us how they see the city of Porto and in particular their interpretation of the play Azul Cale.

Parque Nascente invites all lovers of art and the Porto region to see up close this work that is made by and for the community.

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