Passage of FC Porto for ‘the 4th’ worth historic result in Dragon

FC Porto secured their place in the Portuguese Cup quarter-finals after beating Moreirense 4-3 in the Portuguese Cup.

Dragon Stadium was opened on November 16, 2003, and for the first time, a game of the blues and whites in its most recent bastion finished 4-3. The last 4-3 at home to FC Porto had taken place at the former Antas Stadium 20 years ago: in the 1997/1998 season, in front of Varzim.

This Tuesday, the dragon amphitheater was ‘blessed’ by an electrifying football that finished with eight goals, but in a fair where four or five shots could have been celebrated without any kind of exaggeration.

FC Porto secured the qualification, but began to lose with a goal from Texeira, but quickly came back with goals from Hernani and Felipe. If 15 minutes were enough to leave the ‘electric panel’ of the Dragon on the edge of the break, at the edge of the interval the canons tasted the tie.

Marega, always Marega, decided to make the taste to the foot for the fourth consecutive game and with two ‘shots’ to the ‘carrier’ of Trigueira almost sank a Moreirense that never surrendered until the final sigh. Proof of this that neither with a 4-2 in the marker, the minhotos stopped to roll up the sleeves.

Still, in rebates, Heriberto filled his foot and closed a starring game with huge class. The Under-21 international, loaned by Benfica to Moreirense, has already scored Sporting and FC Porto this season. And the proof that the Moreirense this season is well and it is recommended: in the same season, the formation of the district of Braga scored three goals in the Light and the Dragon.

FC Porto has made the fifth round of the season, the third in the last four games and in terms of victories, they have already won 14 for Sérgio Conceição: he equaled the second best record in the club’s history (2010/2011). If you win Rio Ave next Sunday, FC Porto matches the best ever record in its history, established by Artur Jorge, in 1984/1985.

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