Photography competition Seixal ao Virar da Esquina – An Original Look

until April 3

«Seixal ao Virar da Esquina – An Original Look» is the motto for carrying out a photography competition as part of the 2nd edition of Seixal Cultural, an initiative that takes place in May in various locations in the municipality of Seixal. The giveaway started on March 14th and runs until April 3rd.

The initiative is open to the municipality’s resident and non-resident population, amateur or professional photographers, and challenges participants to photograph what is rare, singular, that causes strangeness and surprise, in the corners and corners of the municipality.

Paulo Silva, mayor of Seixal, says that «this pastime is a way of encouraging anonymous citizens to express their aesthetic and artistic sense, participating in the enrichment of the cultural life of our municipality». This is yet another of Seixal Cultural’s initiatives, a multidisciplinary initiative promoted by the municipality in conjunction with the associative movement, with various activities taking place in the public space and in the municipality’s collectivities.

In order to participate in this pastime, those interested must fill in the form which also contains the conditions and, in the end, submit their photograph. After the deadline, the photographs will be published on the Facebook of the Municipality of Seixal and the voting will take place from April 6th to 14th. The photographs that obtain the most positive reactions (“I like” and “I love”) will be chosen to be part of a photographic exhibition that will be part of the Seixal Cultural program.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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