Passengers take 90 seconds to rely on autonomous cars

The head of a 100% electric car company said today that passengers “take 90 seconds to trust the vehicle and go back to their iPhones”, requiring legislation to ensure safety for users.

“In all the passengers we have already transported in the world we have a satisfaction rate of more than 90%, it takes 90 seconds to realize how the vehicle works, how it looks or how it turns, for example, after that all are back to the iPhone” , said Jérôme Rigaud, head of Navya, a French company of autonomous 100% electric vehicles, in a panel dedicated to automobile technology and citizen mobility.

According to the head of the company, there is still a need to create a “single payment method”, which allows people to travel through different means (train, subway, bus or bicycle, for example) on the same trip, managing to “make only one payment”.

“We have to offer passengers a different experience and facilitate payment, for example. They should also be able to watch movies, have a video conference or buy tickets for movies,” he said.

For Jérôme Rigaud, the high number of vehicles that circulates creates an “overload in the infrastructures of the cities” that, he affirms, “are not prepared for so many vehicles”, proposing the use of the shuttle vehicles, with the capacity to transport several passengers.

“The technology evolves fast, we have seen a major evolution in recent years. We are reaching a very high level of security, we have to move to the plan to deal with the authorities, regulate laws and lay down legislation so that all requirements and passenger safety is guaranteed, “he said.

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