“Passos No Escuro” has more than 130 thousand views

Carluz Belo

Passos No Escuro“, the new single by Portuguese singer Carluz Belo has for days surpassed the barrier of 130 thousand views on YouTube.

We remind you that with this video clip, the musician intends to “pay tribute to the victims of homophobic crimes, whose love stories are left to live. It is necessary to take care of these wounds in our collective imagination. Producing this video was the best way to give body and visibility to an of these possible stories, portraying the emergence of romantic affection between two boys.

For Carluz Belo, this theme is his “LGBTI+ Memory Prayer, a Hymn to Love and against homophobia. The idea of ​​Passos No Escuro is about walking without a net, following our instincts, passions and desires, even without knowing what will tomorrow be like or what will the reaction of others. It takes courage to be a musician, to live off art. Likewise, it takes courage whenever two young men hold hands or kiss in the streets of their town or city.

Passos No Escuro” is the latest single from the album MENINO DA PRAIA, supported by the SPA Cultural Fund, and which has just celebrated its first anniversary.

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