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Patche Di Rima celebrates 20 years of career in Lisbon

It’s at the Tivoli BBVA Theater, in Lisbon, that Guinean Patche Di Rima celebrates his 20 years of career with a cast of luxury guests.

With three albums recorded; Genial Amor(2005), Rendez-vous de Siko (2011 – Disco de Ouro) e Maratona de Amor” (2019) and many participations in various collections in all parts of the world, Patche began his career in year 2000 in Bissau and went through two bands before going solo.

The music of Patche crosses traditional rhythms from Guinea-Bissau, such as gumbé, tina or singa, with afro beat, zouk and kizomba. His own and original style he called “Sikó“. In his songs, he uses traditional Guinean dialects, such as Creole, Pepel, Manjaco, Fula, Mandinga and Sussu, making him one of the greatest musical references currently in the country.

On the 27th of August, the Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon, hosted this huge celebration full of energy, celebrating 20 years of Patche Di Rima’s career, which was attended by Grace Évora, Karyna Gomes, Kimi Djabate, Maio Cope, Clay, Saturnino Gibels, Bidjola Fulugo, and Netos de Bandim.


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