Patrice returns to Portugal in June for a unique concert in Lisbon


After almost 10 years without performing in our country, Patrice returns to Portugal on the 4th of June for a unique performance at the Capitólio, in Lisbon.

The son of a German fashion designer and a Sierra Leonean writer/filmmaker and activist, Patrice Bart-Williams soon became acquainted with the difficulties of biraciality. And when at age 11 he lost his father and great reference, it was in music, more specifically in Bob Marley that he took refuge.

In Bob Dylan he heard the responsibility that Liberty entails and was heavily influenced by contemporary 2 Live Crew and The Fugees. Still at school, he released his first single “You always you” and two years later what would become his mythical debut album “Ancient Spirit” – an album that marked a generation.

With his first album in his bag, he is invited to make the first part of the world tour of the fantastic “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, by Lauryn Hill. He later embarks on the same adventure with the newly formed The Black Eyed Peas. And his career explodes all over the world.

With a unique mix of militant reggae, blues, soul and rebellious punk, the artist who is often found difficult to catalogue, becomes known for his vibrant performances. Even more than for your recorded records. “Lions”, “Everyday Good” and the worldwide super hit, “Soulstorm” delight the fans. Live even more.

Perhaps that’s why his most recent album dates back to 2013. “The Rising of the son” completes the journey of self-discovery and musical that the artist began at the age of 11. With collaborations from artists like Selah Sue, Cody Chestnutt, IKaya, and Busy Signal (Major Lazer), and produced by Renaud Latang (Manu Chao, Souchon), it mixes African sounds with the latest from Europe, always inspired, of course. , in the Jamaican masters. The concept, which is intended to be symbolic of the rebirth of a new consciousness, was inspired by his own birth, as the artist was born on the day of his African grandfather’s death; “My father was torn between joy and pain and he named me Babatunde (Father’s Rebirth). For him, my birth is a symbol of the eternal continuation of life and its constant transformation.” Explain the artist. “Each time the sun rises, it is possible to see things in a different way, in the light of a new perspective, this is the idea that is invoked

Always new, more current than ever, Patrice promises to delight Portuguese fans once again, with new songs and the usual hits, on June 4th 2022, on his return to Portugal for an intimate concert at Capitólio.

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