Paula Rego exhibition in Paris visited by more than 183 thousand people

The exhibition of the Portuguese painter Paula Rego at the Orangerie Museum in Paris received about 2,350 people a day from the opening in October to the end of January, the director of the institution said today.

“The good news is that not only is membership good – more than 183,000 people went through the exhibition – but above all, it is the reception of the critics and the press, which has been excellent. We can be very pleased with the reception that this artist, a little unknown in France, had and also in the password among the audience that came to the exhibition, “said the director of the Museum of l’Orangerie and also curator of the exhibition, Cécile Debray.

Paula Rego’s exhibition in Paris was open to the public for 77 days, between October 17 and January 14, and was visited during this period by more than 183,000 people.

In 2018, the museum even beat the record of visitors, receiving more than one million people. This is the museum that houses Monet’s gigantic water-lilies and has a permanent collection with works by Picasso and Matisse, among others.

This was the first major exhibition of the work of Paula Rego in the French capital, something that surprised the visitors of the museum and aroused a renewed interest in the work of the artist.

There is now more than a curiosity, there was almost a shock not only because of the power of her work but also why this artist was not better known in France. Several critics and visitors also questioned why she had waited so long time to make a big exhibition like this one about Paula Rego, “said the director.

In addition to the exhibition, the museum also organized a cycle of conferences and films around the artist, showing other perspectives on her life and her work that always had rooms full.

Her work makes her very current, if she were to show only a sweet side of life, the interest would not be the same, her actuality comes exactly from the way she points her finger, the way she treats the woman’s condition, but also the relationships between men and women, between adults and children, “explained Cécile Debray.

For the future, the director of the Orangerie Museum expects the exhibition to serve as a “new blow” to Paula Rego’s work: “I think there is already a repercussion in England, with an awareness of this artist that came from And I would love it if it were also shown in the United States. The idea of this exhibition was always to breathe new life into your work.

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