Paulo Brissos presents his new album live

Paulo Brissos is back to albums with Roque, o Português. But not just discs. A series of concerts to present the new album are scheduled. The first is on November 20th in Vila Franca.

Preceded by the singles “Roque, o Português”, “Social Networks” and “Nasceu uma Estrela”, the album Roque, o Português is now presented live in the coming months (dates to be revealed soon) all over the country. The presentation concert is at the Ateneu Artístico Vilafranquense on November 20th at 21:30.

We asked Paulo Brissos o who will play at these concerts. The answer came naturally “I’m going to play the themes of the new album and visit some that have always been or have become mandatory in my shows. 7 original albums gives me headaches to make a repertoire. But, the public speaks louder and we have it that playing the most known of course. Themes like “Serás Tu”, or even some of the last albums like “Sentimentos Por Ti”, or the most recent singles, will be present in the repertoire of course. for our media suggestions.”

In this concert to present the album Roque, o Português, Paulo Brissos will be accompanied by the musicians:

  • João Sanguinheira (Bass and Voices)
  • Pepe Sparrow (Battery)
  • Tiago Machado (Keyboards)
  • Pedro Soares (Guitars and Voices)
  • Mila Belo (Chorus)
  • Mariana Brissos (Chorus)
  • And the guests Nuno Ferreira (Guitar) and Pedro Carvalho (Lapsteel Guitar).

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