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On the eve of a duel between FC Porto and Chelsea, for the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Paulo Ferreira, a former Portuguese international who played for FC Porto and Chelsea, where he ended his career and is currently a loan player technical coach, gave an exclusive interview to ELEVEN, where among several topics he spoke about FC Porto by Sérgio Conceição, Pepe and also spoke about the 2004 victory.

Regarding the reaction he had when he saw the two balls coming out and this tie to be confirmed, Paulo Ferreira said: “On the one hand I was very happy because they are two clubs where I played, where I was happy, where I won the Champions League, also for both teams, and seeing them face, on the one hand, I was happy, but on the other hand also sad because one of them will already be on the way, and maybe I would like to see them ahead.”

Regarding the memories of 2004, there is some similarity between the crossing of FC Porto where he played and the current FC Porto, and the spirit of the team in the Champions League, Paulo Ferreira said: “I keep the best memories because it was a fantastic year for all of us. We entered the history of the club and, as a young man, making my debut in this competition was something. Winning for Porto has another importance if we compare financially with big clubs at European level that have another capacity, other resources that unfortunately Porto does not have. But, as a great club, it always manages to sign well, players who fit well in the club, and who achieve great results. And there you can see the excellent campaign that the club has been doing.”

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