Paulo Flores takes Angolan heat to Lisbon’s coliseum

Coliseu dos Recreios

In the presentation of his latest album “In-Dependência”, Paulo Flores filled the Coliseu dos Recreios with joy and rhythm with his music, and had a full room, as much as possible due to the pandemic, to receive him.

Since the beginning of the show, the audience surrendered without hesitation to the Angolan artist, who reciprocated with a fantastic show, in which semba was king, on a night when it was difficult to sit in the chair, such as the Saudade” for a show like this. part of the public and also of the artists on stage.

Paulo Flores, author, composer and performer, presented his album “In-Dependência” that celebrates the independence of a nation, Angola, 45 years that were celebrated on November 11, 2020, but this album also celebrates the life of the musician, born in Cazenga, in Luanda, one of the most popular singers from Angola and the Lusophone world, who for the first time performed at the Coliseu.

The themes that celebrate life and some sad ones that remember what was not always good and what still needs to be done in a still-young nation are themes full of hope and excellent poems.

The themes of the album, Heróis da Foto”, “Bem-Vindo”, “Semba Original”, “Si Bu Sta Dianti na Luta – Xica Feia”, “Jeito Alegre de Chorar”, “Amanhã (11 de Novembro)”, “Njila ia Dikanga”, “Independência”, “Esse País” and “Roda Despedida de Semba”.

Paulo Flores had as guests Tito Paris, Prodígio and Yuri da Cunha, who with their enormous talent, took even more joy, emotion and good mood to the stage of the coliseum.

On a night when semba was the “main course”, he also had massemba and bolero, the Angolan singer also paid tribute to those who are no longer with us, but also to his father and mother, which the singer extended to all mothers present.

He also took the opportunity to tell some stories, about his childhood, about his life, about Angola. Attending the audience were some artists that Paulo Flores thanked, among them, Bonga, Mariza, Ana Moura and Rui Veloso.

Paulo Flores had on stage the company of a group of excellent musicians, who made the night even more memorable.

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