Paulo Praça presents “Romance de Vila do Conde” with the participation of Fausto Bordalo Dias

Paulo Praça is launching the new video of his most recent work, the Livro-Disco “Onde”: “Romance de Vila do Conde”. A song with a poem by José Régio and with the special participation of the musician Fausto Bordalo Dias.

The video features an excerpt from the videodisc that is also part of “Onde”, directed by Paulo Pinto. “Romance de Vila do Conde” is a declaration of love for the city that gave birth to Paulo Praça and which served as the inspiration for the book-disc “Onde”. A work that also features poetry by Valter Hugo Mãe, Jorge Cruz, Ruy Belo, among others.

Valter Hugo Mãe describes Paulo Praça’s work as follows: “If Paulo sings Vila do Conde, he sings us. We are included as a sister by nature, we are a refraction of this kaleidoscopic meaning. And we rejoice in joy and pride. What a beautiful way to thunder again. What Paulo does is a way of raising the streets, making a square, creating a crowd, because his gesture is exactly inclusive and always chooses the celebration. These songs contain the words of many, but above all the unusual ability that Paulo has to say them in clear melodies, like immediate classics that are offered to the ear that never forgets them.”

Paulo Praça has already returned to the stage and has been presenting the tour “The place where the heart is hidden”, a series of concerts by the 21 parishes of Vila do Conde, which began in June and will end in September.

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