Paus, Da Chick and Benjamim in September in Lisbon with free admission

The Capitol, in Lisbon, will host, between September 21 and 22, concerts of names such as Paus, Da Chick, Benjamim and Barnaby Keen, announced today the FNAC, which organizes the event, free entry.

To join the FNAC Live poster are also Filipe Sambado and the Luxury Escorts, in addition to Pheromone, Sardines with Whiskers, Madrepaz and ENES.

The end of the nights will be in charge of DJ Glue and Carlos Manaça, respectively.

The sixth edition of the event will also feature the documentary “Hip to da Hop” by Fábio Silva and António Freitas, who recently participated in the Hip Hip film festival in New York.

In previous years, the event organized by FNAC in Lisbon, like in France, featured artists such as Capicua, Noiserv, Dead Combo, among others.

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