Play at Teatro Aveirense shows Shakespeare’s actuality

On October 30, Teatro Aveirense will host the show “1/2 Kilo de Carne”, a new creation by the Amarelo Silvestre company that unfolds from “The Merchant of Venice”, by William Shakespeare.

Questioning the place of the heart in human life and the sense of the union of communities, “1/2 Kilo de Carne” finds in William Shakespeare a set of timeless themes, based on a set of phrases from one of the fundamental works of the English playwright, the first being the one that serves as a subtitle to the show: “I really don’t know why I’m so sad”. A castle of mirrors that will reflect prejudices, shake convictions and blur the senses.

The play is staged by Rafaela Santos and dramaturgical support by Fernando Giestas, with Luísa Maria, Mário Alberto Pereira, Rita Morais, Sara Costa and Zé Ribeiro in its cast. These are joined by some elements of the community from Aveiro, participating in an action developed in the days prior to the show and in which the interaction between body and voice is worked out, in a mix of theater, music, and movement.

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