PédeXumbo will set up the ball at Paul!

PédeXumbo has a new project that, in its first edition, promises “Arming the Ball” in Paul, in the municipality of Covilhã.
Armar o Baile aims to create conditions for the informal meeting between those who have always known traditional dances and music and who want to start dancing and playing these repertoires. A meeting between knowledge and generations whose result will be shared with everyone.

PédeXumbo will be in the beautiful mountain village of Paul from 30 September to October 6th, 2019 with Paul House People’s Chamberlains, Marta Guerreiro, dance (PédeXumbo), Juan de La Fuente, percussion (Paragliding700, Decker-Parmenter, Quartet Ombú, Trineo, Martina Quiere Bailar, Ras and Pyramid Blue among other projects), Tiago Candal concertina (Patchwork) and Teresa Campos, voice (Stone Soup), which from September 30 to October 4 will be reunited in order to set up a ball dedicated to the Balls with Adufe.

The outcome of this meeting will be shared between 5 and 6 October, an event open to the general public but for which prior registration will be required. This is an invitation not only for them to enjoy the beauty of the region, but above all to participate in dance, customs and singing workshops, walks, convivial lunch, among other activities, and of course, to join the dance that PX and Casa do Paul’s Jewelers and all who join will arm.
Mark October 5th and 6th on your calendar, point the compasses to Paul and come Arm the Ball with us!

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