Pedro Abrunhosa presents documentary about European tour

with Os Camponeses de Pias and announces an extra date for the Lisbon Coliseu

Pedro Abrunhosa took his songs, together with the Cante Alentejano of the Peasants of Pias, to London, Paris, Brussels, and Luxembourg.

This short but symbolic tour resulted in this documentary that we released two months before presenting the show in Porto, Coimbra, and Lisbon. In the capital, similarly to what had already been announced for Porto, there is one more date: April 21st.

In 1994, after editing his debut album Viagens, Pedro Abrunhosa, who always embraced urban and electronic sounds, clearly evident on this record, retired for three months to the Alentejo in an attempt to better understand the origins and mysteries of Cante Alentejano. “Cante is, for me, the most exalted and supreme form of popular art in Portugal linked to ancestry and the land”, explains the singer-songwriter in the documentary.

It wasn’t in 1994 that he managed to bridge the gap between his music and what is now the Intangible Heritage of Humanity: it would take him 29 years to succeed in that project. This is the concept that will now step onto the most relevant Portuguese stages, joining Pedro Abrunhosa to Os Camponeses de Pias, directed by Paulo Ribeiro. The result has revealed “generosity, genuineness and delivery” and is, on stage, an overwhelming moment of emotion. This show also arose from the will of the artist from Porto to move away from the submission of music, as an artistic expression, to technique as a result.

Pedro Abrunhosa takes to the stages of the Oporto Coliseum (April 13th and 14th), of the São Francisco Convent in Coimbra (April 15th) and of the Lisbon Coliseum (April 21st and 22nd) with Os Camponeses de Pias, directed by Paulo Ribeiro , to present a concert that captured the hearts of audiences in Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels and London.

Pedro Abrunhosa with Paulo Ribeiro & Os Camponeses de Pias

PORTO | Coliseum
[EXTRA DATE] April 13th
April 14th

COIMBRA | San Francisco Convent
April 15th

LISBON | Coliseum
[EXTRA DATE] April 21
April 22nd

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