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Pedro Abrunhosa presents Viagens 3.0 at the Super Bock Arena and Altice Arena

In November, Pedro Abrunhosa takes the special show Viagens 3.0 to Porto and Lisbon. The concerts are scheduled for the 8th at the Super Bock Arena and the 23rd at the Altice Arena, marking the celebrations of the edition of Viagens, the historic debut album by the renowned Porto artist.

Viagens 3.0 marks the long-awaited return to the journey through the various continents of music by an eternal traveler who once hit the road, sometimes hitchhiking, sometimes in an iconic second-hand Renault 4L. Pedro Abrunhosa, from shy double bass player to extraordinary songwriter, has played to packed venues and world tours, now returning to the beginning of the deep and festive connection he established with the public.

“The ‘Viagens 3.0’ Tour will not be a celebration of the past. On the contrary: it is about diving into the future transforming the sounds of what once was into a journey to what will be. Without any interruption in 30 years, thousands of shows have returned and millions of spectators touched by the liberation that the stage represents, made me learn a new world and try to make each concert an unrepeatable place. Many of the songs I wrote throughout this period were transformed into collective anthems or individual refuges, which helped the celebration and communion between the stage and the public. You don’t go back to what happened. Art is not a reheated dish. ‘Viagens 3.0’ is a visit to the musical universe that, in many ways, transformed the country, without ever ceasing to have eyes on what truly counts: celebrating the wonder of life. And doing so in common with those who believe that love, peace and music are, after all, the same thing.”
Pedro Abrunhosa

Pedro Abrunhosa 2023.09.08 < Festival F – Dia 9 – Faro ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

From the mysterious face behind the double bass to thousands of stages as the greatest Portuguese showman: from rock to jazz, Viagens changed the history and paradigm of Portuguese music. Crowds and new generations still sing from one end to the other unique hits from the national songbook, examples of which are “Não Podemos +”, “Socorro”, “É Preciso Ter Calma”, “Lua” or “Tudo o Que Eu Te Dou”.

Considered the best album of the 1990s by Blitz magazine, Viagens is still one of the best-selling albums ever in Portugal. Marked by the emblematic partnership with Maceo Parker, James Brown’s eternal companion, and by the production of Quico Serrano and Mário Barreiros, Pedro Abrunhosa’s first album catapulted him directly among the great and unavoidable names of the Portuguese music scene.

The journey through the many new things that Pedro Abrunhosa has in store for 2024 is still beginning. Among them, the release of his ninth studio album stands out.

Tickets for the concerts at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto, and the Altice Arena, in Lisbon, are on sale online and at the usual places.



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