Pedro Abrunhosa debuts the 9th live album with orchestra

Campo Pequeno, Super Bock Arena and Teatro das Figuras receive the presentation of new songs

Pedro Abrunhosa is in the studio recording his 9th album of originals, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022 and whose artistic direction he began to explore during the pandemic.

This path is partly revealed in the ‘Passageiro’ project, created for the historic S. Bento Station in Porto, in which Pedro Abrunhosa breathes in the early mornings of this beautiful space, alone at the piano, with the life of his usual songs.

Sparked by the intensity of that moment, Pedro Abrunhosa has taken to some intimate rooms in the country this solo format in which he has been experimenting live with some of the new songs written in the meantime.

With the momentum of this solitary tour, an experience that joins the current creative journey of the studio, Pedro Abrunhosa will arrive in the big rooms with the impetus of these combined experiences. Thus, in spring, now accompanied by the ‘Comité Caviar‘ and the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, he will first perform at Teatro das Figuras, in Faro, on 12 February, and then take the stage at the Superbock Arena/Rosa Mota, in Porto, on the 11th of March and, finally, Campo Pequeno, Lisbon, on the 25th of March. In these shows, he will make the absolute debut of his 9th album of originals.

This tour and the new album, whose name is still on hold, come after a year and a half of pandemic during which Pedro Abrunhosa never failed to point us to the North, immediately offering us ‘Litania’ or ‘Storm’, this one with participation of Carolina Deslandes, as well as the anthology “CORPO i ALMA”, double-album with 36 songs.

During the pandemic Pedro Abrunhosa also gave a Song Writing workshop and has been one of the most requested presences at conferences and lectures. Highlight for the ’Art and Spirituality’ sessions at the Serralves Foundation or the ‘Encontros Fora da Caixa’ by CGD.

Here, among many others, he has conversed with prominent figures of contemporary European culture, namely: D. Tolentino de Mendonça, the philosopher Luc-Ferry, Gonçalo M. Tavares or the scientist Manuel Sobrinho Simões, to name just a few.

12 February – Theater of Figures

11 March – Super Bock Arena

25 March – Campo Pequeno

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