Pedro Abrunhosa debuts “Que O Amor Te Salve Nesta Noite Escura”

Pedro Abrunhosa premieres today new song “Que O Amor Te Salve Nesta Noite Escura” (“May Love Save You On This Dark Night“), a song stripped to hard times.

The war in Europe was no stranger to the process. The author states:
«By provoking pain and impotence, we must oppose art to barbarism. Never in our time has the ‘uselessness’ of this proved so useful. It is through it that, in silence, we expel the pain that is, simultaneously, individual and collective.

The brutal aggression of Ukraine by Putin has generated an indescribable real, palpable pain in millions of human beings. Death is the wild motto of this barbaric dictator. The Ukrainian people and the Russian people suffer what no generation, no territory, ever thought they would witness again.

The way I found to save myself because I feel incapable of acting on the ground, is by writing songs.

Written in about two hours, ‘May Love Save You From This Dark Night’ is not about the war. It speaks of the incredible resistance of the Ukrainian citizens, leaders and military. It speaks of the hope that the project, through their actions, has on all of us. It is from this fibre that a country is forged» – Pedro Abrunhosa

In concerts with Orquestra Clássica do Sul & Comité Caviar and Carolina Deslandes, as a special guest, taking place on the 11th and 12th of March, at the Super Bock Arena, and on the 25th of March, at Campo Pequeno, we will hear absolute this and other songs from the new album of originals that Pedro Abrunhosa is getting ready to release.

Next Concerts

March 11 – Super Bock Arena, Porto

March 12 – Super Bock Arena, Porto – EXTRA DATE

March 19 – Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro

March 25 – Campo Pequeno, Lisbon

April 2 – Cine Teatro São João, Entroncamento

April 2 – Cine Teatro São João, Entroncamento – EXTRA DATE

April 23 – Ovibeja, Beja

October 22 – Casino 2000, Luxembourg

October 23 – La Cigale, Paris

October 25 – La Madeleine, Brussels

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