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Pedro Abrunhosa

Pedro Abrunhosa
Cine-Teatro Avenida
Tickets: € 22

“Over the past two years I have written and composed over thirty Songs of which only fifteen are part of my eighth original album, ‘Spiritual’. It has been two years of intense, and almost daily, recording with the Caviar Committee. At BoomStudios, under the Immaculate supervision of João Bessa, who signs the Production with me, the album gained essence, then body and, finally, identity.It is a set of songs that, like all, will only come to life on stage when played before the complicity of the audience. Added by a detailed attention on all fronts, however, it is in the literary construction that ‘Spiritual’ lays its foundations.In the fleeting times of ephemeral attentions, I try to have my roots drink from the depths of the worlds: from within and from those who mine. senses are unfolding ”
Pedro Abrunhosa

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