‘Pedro e Inês’ debuted in great. Already seen by more than 10 thousand people

There were more than 10,000 viewers who watched the film on their debut weekend.

At the premiere weekend, António Ferreira’s film took more than 10,000 people to theatres in Portugal.

‘Pedro e Inês’ is based on the work of Rosa Lobato Faria, ‘A Trança de Inês’, but it is not only the love story of the Portuguese king who was known by the nickname of ‘Punisher’.

The film shows us at the same time the story of Pedro Bravo, the son of an important architect of the 21st century, and that of Pedro Rey, a young son of a leader of a rural community, the only category of individuals authorized to reproduce itself in society from an imaginary dystopian future.

Although they are three stories that take place in three distinct centuries, they all have one thing in common: the couple who love each other unconditionally, but who can not live their love.

‘Pedro e Inês’ was shot in four municipalities in the district of Coimbra and is played by Diogo Amaral, Joana Verona, Vera Kolodzig, Cristóvão Campos, Custódia Gallego, João Lagarto and Miguel Borges.

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