Pedro Figueiredo in seventh place at the Kazakhstan Open in golf

Portuguese golfer Pedro Figueiredo finished today in the group of the seventh on the first day of the Open Kazakhstan, a test of the ‘challenge tour’ taking place at the Zhailjau Golf Resort in Almaty.

With a total of 67 strokes, five under par, Pedro Figueiredo delivered a card with six birdies (one knock below par) and one bogey (one above).

Immediately below, in 14th place, was Jose-Filipe Lima, with 68 strokes, four below, when marking four ‘birdies’ and no ‘bogey’.

In worst position to pass the ‘cut’ of the race is Ricardo Santos, who totals 70 strokes, two below, with four birdies and two bogeys.

The German Moritz Lampert leads the race, with 65 strokes, seven under par.

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