Pedro Mendes debut single now available

“Só te sei amar a ti”, it is one of those themes that we listen to very carefully in order to understand all the piano notes and all the words spoken.

We can see that it is December, very close to Christmas. And we are not talking about the cold or the shopping frenzy. We do speak of those songs on the piano that speak to us of love even if it is a lost love and the hope of finding a new one.

That’s what Pedro Mendes’ debut single tells us, I just know how to love you. For the author, this theme “tells us about the disappointment and the inner struggle of someone who suffered a great loss and who, in the form of an outburst… because it is an outburst… regrets his” luck “and hopes to be able to find his true and great passion”.

Should editing a debut theme at a time like the one we live in be seen as a hopeful attitude in the future? Pedro Mendes tells us that “I believe that, as in everything in life, we will have to turn things around… tomorrow will be a new day… and strength, resilience and hope… which are very characteristic of all who are linked to Art, whatever it may be, will lead to better days and opportunities.”

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