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Pedro Moutinho opened his ‘Casa’ at the CCB

Centro Cultural de Belém

When the fado singer entered the CCB, he already knew what was waiting for him, a house full of fans, delighted to hear him, a room that had already been sold out for a long time, where he presented his new EP ‘Casa‘ in yet another concert in the cycle Há Fado no Cais.

In the company of three great musicians, José Manuel Neto on the Portuguese guitar, Pedro Soares on the fado viola, and Frederico Gato on the acoustic bass, it was with ‘Contemplo o que não vejo’ that he opened another excellent concert, where some of his best fados, but also the themes of his most recent EP.

Pedro Moutinho > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.02.09

The new work includes five songs, ‘Um resto de Mouraria’ a classic with lyrics by Carlos Conde and music by Martinho d’Assunção, the only fado that is not original, which has already been interpreted by two of Pedro’s references, Alfredo Marques Junior, son of Alfredo Marceneiro and also by Celeste Rodrigues, ‘Imprevisto‘ with lyrics by Maria do Rosário Pedreira and music from ‘Fado Louco’, by Alfredo Marceneiro, ‘Casa d’água’ which is the only non-traditional fado from this EP and has lyrics by João Monge, music by Amélia Muge and the arrangements are the responsibility of Filipe Raposo, ‘Sem volta’ also with lyrics by Maria do Rosário Pedreira and music from ‘Fado Solene’, by Alberto Correia and also ‘A Viagem’ with lyrics by Teresinha Landeiro and music from ‘Fado Magala’, by Raul Portela.

Pedro Moutinho > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.02.09

Pedro also announced that the EP ‘Casa‘ will be followed by another, to be released later this year, with the name of ‘Água‘, which according to the artist will be “a work with new sounds and composers, and will not be traditional fado”, and the theme ‘Casa d’água’ which is part of this EP, will have a new version on the next one, also with arrangements by Filipe Raposo.

A fantastic concert, as I’m used to, whenever Pedro Moutinho takes the stage, with the support of the Fado Museum and CCB/EGEAC, which ended with the repetition of ‘Fado da contradição’ with the public accompanying him on this memorable night.


Concerto setlist

  • Contemplo o que não vejo
  • Lisboa mora aqui
  • Maldição
  • Foi um bem conhecer-te
  • A rua do desencanto
  • Meu amor sem direcção
  • Alfama
  • Sem sentido
  • Fado da contradição
  • Instrumental
  • Um resto de Mouraria
  • Imprevisto
  • Casa d’água
  • Sem volta
  • A Viagem
  • Palavras minhas
  • Um carnaval
  • Veio a saudade
  • Rapsódia


  • Um Resto De Mouraria
  • Olhos Estranhos
  • Fado da contradição

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