Pedro Moutinho, fantastic at Casino Estoril

Fado at the Lounge D in Casino Estoril

Pedro Moutinho debuted in Lounge D at Casino Estoril, on December 9th, at the invitation of colleague and friend Diogo Lucena Quadros.

The night started as it could not be without an instrumental entitled “As Horas“, the harbinger of a wonderful night of Fado.

Pedro Moutinho Casino Estoril 20201209
© Luis M Serrao – Portugalinews

Masterfully accompanied by Diogo Lucena Quadros on the Portuguese guitar and Luís Roquette on the viola, the fado singer performed some of the best Portuguese fado songs on his latest album, “Um Fado ao Contrário“.

Owner of a wonderful voice Pedro Moutinho, who already has a brilliant 15-year career, delighted the audience with themes such as “Maldição“, “Fado do Ciúme“, “Leio em Teus Olhos“, “Bairro Alto” and “Estranha Forma de Vida“.

The last album to be edited by the fado singer is entitled “Um Fado ao Contrário”, contains traditional fados and fados written for him, with the help of several composers, such as Pedro de Castro, Amélia Muge, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, or Manuela de Freitas.

The night continues and you can hear “Fado de Outrora” and “Meu amor sem Direção“.

Pedro Moutinho reveals a special affection for the one who is one of his greatest references, Carlos Zel, having learned from him the fado “Romance Incompleto“.

Pedro Moutinho Casino Estoril 20201209
© Luis M Serrao – Portugalinews

In the Lounge there was silence to hear “Saudades da tu voz“, “Ramo Batido” and “Sem Sentido“.

On a rainy night the audience surrendered to the voice of the fado singer, owner of a captivating smile, interprets “Colchetes de Oiro” by the great Alfredo Marceneiro, “Lisboa Menina e Moça” and at the request of the public “Quero muito aos Olhos Teus” by Ricardo Ribeiro.

Another excellent show, produced by Casino Estoril, which had a full house and free admission.

Pedro Moutinho was born and grew up listening to Fado, brother of Hélder Moutinho and Camané, Pedro knew how to build his own career.

Pedro Moutinho Casino Estoril 20201209
© Luis M Serrao – Portugalinews

He starts singing very early, having been part of the Choir of Santo Amaro de Oeiras, as well as of another children’s group, the Ministars.
He is part of Casino Estoril’sQuartas de Fado” and in 2003 she received the Revelation Award from Casa da Imprensa with her album “Primeiro Fado” and a few years later with the album “Encontro” he received the Amália Award for Best album.
His discography includes the albums “Primeiro Fado“, this album having some fados written by his brother Helder Moutinho, and with him, he obtained the Revelation Award of the Casa da Imprensa in 2003. “Encontro” is his second album, published in 2006 “Um Vidro de Sol” is composed of 12 themes written and composed by great names of Portuguese culture, such as Amélia Muge, Tiago Bettencourt, Aldina Duarte and Rodrigo Leão. It also has the albums “O Amor Não Pode Esperar” and “O Fado Em Nós“.

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