Pedro Pichardo with world record of the year in triple jump

Pichardo made four valid jumps, all with regular wind. At best, the wind was blowing at +0.2 m/s, well below the maximum limit, which is 2.0 m/s.

Zango, current world record holder in indoor track, was the previous leader of the year, with 17.67, while Pichardo progressed from 20th of the year to first, with only 17.01.

In third and fourth places were the French Melvin Raffin and Jean Marc Ponvianne, both with 17.17, and in fifth the German Max Hess, with 17.16, immediately before the second Portuguese in the competition, Tiago Pereira.

Tiago Pereira’s 16.96 are still below the direct Olympic qualification, which is achieved at 17.14, but reinforce the athlete’s position in the qualification by ‘ranking’, in which he is, at this moment, the 30th for 32 places.

Tiago Pereira’s qualification for Tokyo can be assured next Saturday, in the championships of Portugal, where the victory receives a bonus of 100 points.

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