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Pedro Saavedra | Theater | Malaposta

O FIM DO TEATRO (“THE END OF THEATER”) is to stop doing theater. Being true to what is really happening.

A theater director and a great actress forget that they have known each other for a long time. They meet to do theater. A show that claims to be the best theater ever.

A kind of myth of Faust, where Faust is a theater director who, longing for the past, has forgotten where he is now and where Margarida is a great actress who no longer remembers that she has been married to the director for years. your theater.

A coach who is also Mephistopheles and who gradually leads them to perdition over and over again. Yes, because the theater is always ending and starting over and over again.

Pedro Saavedra | Theater | Malaposta Cultural Center
December 5th through December 15th
Thursday to Saturday – 21h00
5 € to 10 € | 90 MINUTES | M / 12

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