Pedro Sánchez announces Portuguese-Spanish summit

The Spanish Prime Minister announced today that he will hold a Portuguese-Spanish summit in November during his speech at the Foundation’s library

This is the first Portuguese-Spanish summit to meet on 21 November in Valladolid, Spain, the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, and the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.

The meeting will be subordinated to the theme of cross-border relations and the common effort to bring the border areas that have been abandoned, António Costa said in remarks to journalists.

The Portuguese prime minister also underlined that, although this is the first Spanish-Portuguese summit, it is a continuation of the one held in May 2017 in Trás-os-Montes, at the time with Mariano Rajoy, and whose strong themes were cross-border cooperation in areas such as energy, infrastructure and the environment.

“As a summit it is the first, but it will be a continuation summit with the one we held in Vila Real a little more than a year ago and that will have as a fundamental theme cross-border relations and this common effort that Portugal and Spain have to do to enjoy this border zone that we have been abandoning from one side and another, because we were facing away from each other, starting with finding a point of union, “said António Costa.

The prime minister also stressed that this is “a fundamental strategy” for the settlement of the interior of Portugal, the interior of Spain and areas that need to develop.

“Certainly, this closeness and this new Iberian centrality that we are going to build in the cross-border regions is fundamental,” he said.

António Costa meets today in Lanzarote the first part of a tour through the emblematic places of life and work of José Saramago.

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