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Pedro Sousa debuts with victory at the Challenger de Santiago

The national number two and 110th placed in the ATP hierarchy took an hour and 21 minutes to eliminate the qualifier, 512th ranked in the individual world ranking and 105th positioned in the pairs table, with the partials 6-4 and 6-3.

Pedro Sousa also saw his first ‘break’ in the inaugural ‘set’ be returned, but managed to break the 25-year-old Brazilian, a second time, in the seventh game, to put himself in the lead. In the second match, he again signed a couple of ‘breaks’ to seal the triumph.

Once Rafael Matos has passed, the third Portuguese seed, 32 years old, will face another Brazilian opponent in the next phase of the race, the winner of the meeting between Felipe Meligeni Alves and João Menezes, also from the qualifying round.

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