Pedro Sousa in the ‘8th rounds’ of the Buenos Aires ATP

Sousa, 145th in the world ranking, benefited from the Chilean Christian Garín’s withdrawal to enter the main frame as a ‘lucky loser’, after ‘falling’ in the last qualifying round, and defeating the guest host of the tournament Argentine.

Diaz Acosta got the upper hand in the first ‘set’, breaking the Portuguese’s service for two consecutive times in response to the initial ‘break’, which rocked him to put himself up 6-4.

In the second partial, Sousa was more consistent and canceled the opponent’s service on two occasions, one of which was to make the 6-2, followed by the third and last ‘set’ with a 6-3, but only with a ‘break’ decisive already near the end.

In the round of 16, Slovakian Josef Kovalik, number 129 in the hierarchy, is Pedro Sousa’s opponent.

Even today, compatriot João Domingues, also as a ‘lucky loser’, will try to get a place in the ‘octaves’, against the Spanish Pedro Martinez.

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