Pedro Vicente’s new single with Rúben Portinha now available

Do not distance what the music has brought together. «Vida no Rossio» is Pedro Vicente’s new single with special participation by also musician, composer and author Rúben Portinha.

Recorded during a period of social isolation, «Vida no Rossio» is an ode to the appreciation of solidarity and empathy as essential weapons in combating the unpredictable and almost always inevitable vicissitudes of life.

In a partnership that has long been desired and until now only consummated live, Rúben Portinha lends his unmistakable voice and guitar to the theme with lyrics and music by Pedro Vicente. A deeply intimate and transparent arrangement in which the voices and instruments of the two friends with a common passion, blend harmoniously to let breathe the sincerity with which both are in the music and the values that unite them.

«Vida no Rossio» pre-selling on iTunes.

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