Peek at the youngest museum in the city

The MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology – Belém

Which is? The most contemporary art museum in Lisbon. It looks like a reflected ray of the river and has been the pilgrimage destination of the Instagrammers in recent months.

Why go? A project of the EDP Foundation, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is already more than consecrated in the initials MAAT. Its architectural forms marked the year 2016 in the city, justifying fruitful pilgrimages to the area of Belém. After all, if not, that structure signed by the British Amanda Levete and the sunset in the background is even killing in a photo to share on networks. Of course, the visit should not end here, and it is recommended that you consult the scheduled exhibitions on the agenda.

Not to be missed: The exhibition “Linguistic Ground Zero”, by João Louro, from November to April 2019.

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