Penalva do Castelo opens annual cycle of Serra da Estrela cheese fairs

The county of Penalva do Castelo, in the district of Viseu, opens today the annual cycle of fairs of the sheep cheese produced in Serra da Estrela, which ends on March 17 in Oliveira do Hospital (Coimbra) and Fornos de Algodres (Guarda).

[dropcap type=”background”]T[/dropcap]he traditional fairs and festivals of promotion of the cheese are realized annually by several municipalities of the zone of the Mountain range of the Star.

The demarcated region of Serra da Estrela cheese production covers the municipalities of Carregal do Sal, Celorico da Beira, Fornos de Algodres, Gouveia, Mangualde, Manteigas, Nelas, Oliveira do Hospital, Penalva do Castelo, Seia, Aguiar da Beira, Arganil, Covilhã, Guarda, Tábua, Tondela, Trancoso and Viseu.

Penalva do Castelo, in the district of Viseu, opens today the annual cycle of events to promote cheese, with another edition of the Pastor’s and Cheese Fair.

The program of the initiative, which lasts until Sunday, includes animation with Rosinha (today) and Quim Barreiros (Sunday), acting of municipalities groups, street animation, cheese and handicraft, among other initiatives.

The 40th edition of the Celorico da Beira Cheese Fair will be held between February 22 and 24.

The program of the fair includes, among other activities, exhibition and sale of cheese, handicrafts and regional products, animation and musical shows.

According to the autarchy, “throughout these four decades, the event had different denominations (contest, fair, homage), always with the objective of promoting the king product – Serra da Estrela cheese – one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy, true business card of the county and ambassador of Serra da Estrela in the country and in the world “.

On the weekend of Carnival, from 02 to 05 March, events take place in Seia, Gouveia, Manteigas and Aguiar da Beira, in Guarda district.

The 42nd Seia Serra da Estrela Cheese Fair will take place in the Municipal Market and in the surrounding area.

According to the City Hall, “the party is dedicated to the widespread promotion of cheese and the endogenous products of the county (bread, wine, sausages and honey), which are associated with local crafts, culture and traditions.”

In Gouveia, the Cheese Fair will be held on Carnival Sunday, March 03, under the program of ExpoSerra – Fair of Economic Activities of Serra da Estrela, which begins on 01 and ends on March 05.

The municipality of Manteigas also takes advantage of the Carnival block to organize another edition of ExpoSstrela, from March 2 to 5, which includes, on Carnival day, a Serra da Estrela cheese test, among other activities.

On Sunday, March 3, will also take place the 6th Feast of the Shepherd of Aguiar da Beira, to be held in the town of Mosteiro, parish of Penaverde, which includes a contest of sheep and goats.

On the 9th and 10th of March, the 30th Cheese Fair, the Bread, the Sausages and the Honey / 10th Show of Gastronomy and Handicrafts of the Parishes of the Municipality of Tábua, in the district of Coimbra, will be held. the designation of “Table of Cheeses and Flavors of Beira“.

The event, scheduled for the Multi-Pavilion Pavilion, includes gastronomy, crafts and animation, among other initiatives.

The 2019 cycle of the cheese fairs ends at Fornos de Algodres (Guarda) and Oliveira do Hospital (Coimbra), on March 16 and 17.

The municipality of Oliveira do Hospital promotes another Serra da Estrela Cheese Festival where “many thousands of visitors are expected” and will be “hundreds of exhibitors of endogenous products, handicrafts, gastronomy, among other articles, with special emphasis on cheese producers Serra da Estrela Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) “.

Already the premises of the Municipal Market of Fornos de Algodres will host a fair that will include, among other initiatives, musical shows, cheese shows, exhibitions, crafts and animation.

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