Penela launches new platform ideal for tourists

Located in the district of Coimbra, the municipality of Penela guards landscapes and traditions that surprise everyone who passes by. A place that preserves the beauty of endless landscapes, with caves, river beaches, waterfalls, medieval castles, archaeological sites, among many other attractions.

Launched on June 30, Penela now presents a new portal that brings together accommodations, restaurants and activities, where packages are available with the most diverse options of what to do and where to stay in the region. In addition to the pre-defined ones, there is the possibility of customizing a custom-made pack, where each person can choose the hotel, the restaurant and even the leisure activities, all in the same place and just a click away.

Canopy tours, underground adventures, workshops and artisanal bread or cheese tasting, discover the Jurassic world of Sicó, wild deer watching, mountain biking. These are some of the activities that can be added to the accommodation package, without any more worries.

Recently launched by the municipality, there is also an application that helps and complements the discovery of the history and stories of the corners of Penela, with detailed information about the historical, natural and cultural heritage, for a global experience.

In Penela you can feel the freshness, the green of the mountains, the calm and peace of this region that offers panoramic views, outdoor adventure trails, natural pools, limestone or schist paths filled with vibrantly colored flowers, secular trees and all. a diverse and wild fauna.

With traditional knowledge and flavors, there are many places in Penela where you can explore ancestral living and experiences. Cheese, honey, bread, oil and wine are some of the products made by hand, through customs inherited by ancestors.

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