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The municipality of Peniche is an area of ​​great natural beauty and an enviable landscape, with a vast historical, cultural and religious heritage.

From the magnificent beaches along the coast, ideas for water sports, to the imposing cultural heritage, where the fortifications and religious monuments stand out, Peniche presents a diversity of tourist resources including a rich and varied gastronomy dominated. by the fish and seafood dishes and a diversified handicraft which highlights the famous Peniche Bobbin Lace.

The municipality of Peniche offers various forms of accommodation, from rural tourism units, to hostels, campsites and modern hotels.

Peniche is a living and future county. For this reason, parties and entertainment are an important source of entertainment and tradition in the county. Religious festivals, with special emphasis on the Feast of Our Lady of Good Voyage, help the Penichenses to remember and feel the land where they live and to maintain a tradition of great beauty and meaning.


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