Percursos Sonoros: the symbiosis between heritage and music is back

Percursos Sonoros: the symbiosis between heritage and music is back in Oliveira de Azeméis – La Salette Park and Sensible Soccers will be the protagonists of the night.

The fourth edition of the festival, organized by Incentivo Positivo in partnership with the Oliveira de Azeméis City Council and the Municipal Youth Council, will take place on September 28, from 10 pm, in one of the most cherished spaces in the region, the La Salette Park.

The purpose of Soundtracks continues (and will remain) the same: to promote the city’s “forgotten” heritage through music. The Bandstand, the Lake, the Viewpoint of the Park, as well as the Estalagem de S. Miguel are the historical stages chosen for the constitution of the 2019 edition of the festival. Each corner of La Salette Park represents a special piece of olive culture and memory, making the study and sorting of spaces one of the organization’s greatest difficulties.

As for the poster, it is also already defined and promises to bring Oliveira de Azeméis the best that is done in our country in terms of music. With their new album, Aurora, Sensible Soccers will lead audiences into the undiscovered corners of memory and childhood through their vibrant rhythms. The best-rated Portuguese band from the 2018 edition of the Thermometer Festival, Gator, The Alligator, from Barcelos, promise to mesmerize the audience with lightning strikes in the form of garage rock, psychedelic sounds, and fuzz. Sharing the space with the Barcelona band, we will find CelesteMariposa, who in a change of rhythms will take us to the universe of African dances, a journey through time from the bases of the instrumental funana to the rugged Angolan meringue, besides Semba, Gumbé da Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome, and Principe Socopé and Mozambican Marrabenta. There is also the Bardino, a true plunge into the tranquility between ancient psychedelism and the heritage of progressive rock and its funk and jazz-fusion variants. At the conclusion of the poster presentation comes a major international breakthrough: Martin Harley, one of the songwriters nominated for UK AMERICANA AWARDS as best musician of the year.

Percursos Sonoros remains free of charge. Although the concerts start at 10 pm, the public will be invited to arrive early through a complementary daytime program for various ages that aims to enrich the experience of visitors to La Salette Park. “We want to bring the public into the park as early as afternoon so that the potential of its potential is maximized,” the organization adds.


The Percursos Sonoros have been taking place since 2016. It is one of the cultural and heritage promotion projects of Incentivo Positivo, a youth association of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The festival consists of holding intimate concerts in emblematic places of Oliveira de Azeméis, some of them still popular, while most will have the spotlight on themselves only during this day. The reason for choosing each venue will be visible during the shows so that the audience can feel the historical weight of the venue.
The spaces chosen have the common fact that they are unlikely venues for concerts. Spaces such as the Dighton Hotel, the Regional House Museum, the former Gemini Cinema, the former college and the Millenium BCP, designed by Siza Vieira, have passed names such as Gobi Bear, Sequin, Catharsis Man, The Miami Flu, Surma and First Breath After Coma, among others. The event has a steady growth from edition to edition, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with one of the previous edition’s concerts attended by 200 people.

The initiative aims to expand the city’s cultural programming aimed at young people, the dissemination of emerging bands, as well as the discovery of the city’s cultural heritage. It stands out from other events for not only focusing on music, but for promoting the promotion of young talents and cultural democratization, promoting local heritage and making the population aware of their safeguarding, which ensures the consolidation of the olive identity and contributes for the development of citizenship awareness.

The aim is for the event to take place annually, diversifying the route and promoting other iconic venues and new emerging bands.

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