Perfect Strangers

We all have a secret life

In January 2021, it arrives at the Maria Matos Theater, with staging by Pedro Penim, the great stage success – also adapted to the cinema – Perfeito Desconhecidos.

A group of longtime friends organizes a dinner. The hostess proposes a game: everyone leaves their cell phone on the table and each incoming message or call is read and heard by everyone, after all, there are no secrets between friends.

Does anyone have anything to hide? We play?
From this moment on, surprises and twists occur in a spiral.
Alternating between drama and comedy, each person’s secrets will be revealed, at the end of the night nothing will be as before and friends discover that they are, after all, Perfect Strangers.

  • Text Paolo Genovese
  • Staging, Translation and Adaptation Pedro Penim
  • Scenery Joana Sousa
  • Costume Design Joana Barrios
  • Light Design Luís Duarte
  • Video Joana Linda
  • Staging Assistant Bernardo Lacerda
  • Production Força de Produção
  • With Ana Guiomar, Cláudia Semedo, Filipe Vargas, Jorge Mourato, Martinho Silva, Samuel Alves, Sara Barradas

Maria Matos Theater
Opening on January 14
Wednesday to Saturday at 9 pm | Sunday at 5 pm
Price: 16 € and 20 €

Christmas campaign
Benefit from a 15% discount on purchases made until December 31st.

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