Performance of Jonas Runa marks reopening of the San Lázaro Carpentries

The performance ‘Oumuamua’ by Jonas Runa and the exhibition ‘Jeu de 54 cartes’ by Jorge Molder will mark today, starting at 7:00 pm, the reopening of the Centro Cultural Carpintarias de São Lázaro, in Lisbon, after recovery works.

The show, scheduled for 9:30 pm today, consists of a “sonic and luminous performance” performed by the artist with a light suit created by Jonas Runa in collaboration with fashion designer Alexandra Moura.

The performance “proposes a sound, luminous and performatic journey that unfolds in a flow of improvisations and fuses in an open discourse in permanent action“, according to a description of the artist.

At the same time, the artist will inaugurate his latest installation, titled ‘E = mc2’, in which the ratio of mass, energy and speed of light is expressed in the form of three thousand LED bulbs, organized in 50 meters of tapes which form a three-dimensional object in suspension.

In turn, Jorge Molder will present a new series of photography based on the typical structure of the French deck of cards, consisting of four suits of 13 cards each.

The series is divided into six parts, and includes 52 images divided by four suits, called ‘Faces’, ‘Hands’, ‘Bits’, ‘Specters’, and two more ‘jokers’.

The San Lázaro Carpentries, a space held by the Lisbon City Council, was presented through a public contest to the São Lázaro Recreational and Cultural Association of Carpenters, which, starting in 2017, presented a cultural project to host a program, production and events.

Following restoration works, they will reopen the public with a cultural program in the areas of visual arts, music, theatre, dance, cinema and gastronomy.

Located in Martim Moniz, the Art Deco building that housed them was affected by a fire in 2002, destroying the wooden furniture factory, operating since the first decades of the twentieth century.

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