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Perpétua presents “Bem Longe Daqui” at the Festival da Canção 2024

Band competes in the first semi-final

“Bem Longe Daqui” is the song that Perpétua presents at Festival da Canção 2024. The band from Gafanha da Nazaré, Ílhavo, brings us a song that does justice to what it does best: joyfully singing sadness.

“Bem Longe Daqui” talks about emancipation, growth and learning, with great influence on City-Pop and J-pop (Japanese pop) styles. The band will be competing in the first semi-final of the competition, on February 24th, and “Bem Longe Daqui” can now be heard on all platforms.

Xavier “Xumiga” Sousa, Diogo Rocha, Rúben Teixeira and Beatriz Capote had already written “Bem Longe Daqui” to be part of the album that the band will present to the public in 2024, but with the invitation to participate in the Festival da Canção 2024, they didn’t have many doubts about choosing and working on “Bem Longe Daqui” to present to the competition that chooses the Portuguese representative for Eurovision, as they think it is a song that represents and defines Perpétua’s new spring.

For lack of anything better, we turned to a friend of the band, Maria Inês Santos, to describe “Bem Longe Daqui”: “It’s a song that talks about literal and metaphorical, physical and emotional journeys, about looking for a place when you’re in another”. For the band, it is a song about emancipation, growth and learning, which invites each listener to paint their scenario in their head.

Regarding participation in the Festival, the band says “We grew up with the Festival da Canção on television and it still has a hard time believing that Perpétua is on one of the biggest stages in Portuguese music, if not the biggest. Let’s, above all, show who we are and what music we make. Everything that comes from the festival will be beautiful and a milestone for our band.”

Jokingly, Perpétua says that the band is the “professional hobby” of the four members. All the musicians have other professional occupations, not “(yet!)” making music their main profession and, of course, this complicated the calculations for participation in the festival but “with goodwill, everything can be done. Because this is one of our biggest dreams.”

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Rúben Teixeira, at Wakai Studios, in Gafanha da Nazaré, production was handled by Xavier Sousa and the composition was shared by all members of the band. For their performance at Festival da Canção 2024, the band will have several surprises, knowing that the entire team will be from the Aveiro Region.

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About Perpétua

Diogo, Rúben and Xavier met at a music school in Gafanha da Nazaré, Ílhavo, where their musical journey began, as well as a friendship that would become the seed from which Perpétua would germinate. Diogo met Beatriz in secondary school, the last petal of this flower.

They released their first single, “Condição”, in September 2020, debuting live in November of the same year, opening a André Henriques concert. In March 2021, they released their debut album Esperar Pra Ver and with it the single “Perdi a Cor” which made them known to national headlines. In partnership with the Ílhavo City Council, they reinvent five songs by the winner of the 1981 Song Festival, Carlos Paião, also a local musician, with the EP Além Mais. They take the stage at the Festival da Canção in 2024, the year in which they also reveal their second album of originals.

Above all, Perpétua seeks to paint new musical landscapes, singing sadness happily, lightly and slowly, as she takes care of a garden.

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