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Pescanova presents a new recipe for Hake Panada for tasty, practical and nutritious meals

Family meals are defined by the energy you feel at the table and the quality of time we spend with our family. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas or time to prepare daily meals that the whole family can enjoy and that don’t require us to spend two hours in the kitchen.

It is precisely in this context that Pescanova presents the 1kg format of its Breaded Hake in the form of a fillet, now with a new tastier recipe, with a touch of garlic and lemon.

Categorized with Nutri Score B and made with 100% Hake selected by the Pescanova Group, this breaded hake allows families to save time and money and invest in the quality of their free time together.

Breaded Hake in the form of a fillet is extremely convenient and combines fish with a crunchy breading, being ideal to combine with various side dishes, from rice to vegetables. It is also a great option to introduce fish to children and its 1kg format follows the growing trend of consumption within the home.

Easy and comfortable to prepare, the consumer just needs to fry it for 4 minutes or put it in the oven for 15 minutes to obtain a result full of flavour and crunch.

According to Pescanova, “we know the importance of providing our consumers not only with high-quality products, but also with options that allow them to prepare quick meals, which everyone at home will like and which are nutritionally interesting. We are focused on offering products such as Hake Breaded in the form of a fillet that follows trends and tries to combine great quality with the convenience of preparing a complete meal in less than half an hour”.

For inspiration to create the best and tastiest recipes, go to or to Pescanova’s Instagram. You can buy all these products in supermarkets and hypermarkets, and the Breaded Hake in the form of a fillet must always be cooked before consumption.

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