Peter Strange’s new single now available on digital platforms

After winning four modern music contests, studying music and music production in England, Peter Strange returns to Portugal and presents the new single Sadness!

First of all, why the stage name Peter Strange? The artist replies “the name comes up in 2015 while recording some models at my old school, where at a certain point, the boy who helped me record said that what I did sounded strange but cool. And since the songs are sung in English, I thought the name Peter Strange sounded good.”

To reach this single Sadness, Peter Strange took the usual route of new artists, such as, for example, passing through modern music contests. He reached 5 finals and won four of them. For Peter Strange “these victories made me look at this project with different eyes, as if someone was in front of me with a stamp and stamped the ‘approved’ on my sheet. For me it was proof that my musical vein had legs To walk.”

In order to grow as a musician and artist, Peter Strange decided to go to England to study music and music production. Result of this season outside Portugal? The artist tells us that “I learned a lot, mainly in the area of ​​composition. There is a great evolution between my pre and post United Kingdom themes.”

So we arrived at the single Sadness, available today on all digital platforms. For Peter Strange this theme can be described in a short sentence: “it is a song that speaks of a loving separation.”

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