Peugeot e-2008 was the best-selling electric in January 2021

Sold since June last year, the Peugeot e-2008 was, in January, the best-selling electric car in the country.

The electrification trend in the Portuguese automotive market represented, in January, a total of 413 100% electric cars sold, of which 87 were provided by Peugeot, which gives the brand, at the beginning of the year, the outstanding leadership of this market segment with a 21% share.

The new Peugeot e-2008, recently launched in our market, was the best-selling electric model in Portugal in January (60 units), having, alone, secured 15% of the total sales of electric vehicles. In fact, this electric model reproduces the success of the 2008 range as a whole, which was the leading model in the national B segment, considering all types of energy and all silhouettes.

The remaining sales came from the new Peugeot e-208, which sold 25 units, and the newly launched e-Traveler with 2 units sold.

This excellent result as a whole contributed not only to the new generation of models that Peugeot makes available to customers in Portugal, but the fact that it already has more than 50% of its range with electrified versions, underlying the concept of giving the power of choice energy to customers.

This diversified electrified offer from Peugeot already includes not only the new 100% electric passenger models and also the commercial vehicle Peugeot e-Expert, as well as the plug-in hybrid versions – with 100% electric autonomies that can reach 59 Km (WLTP) and CO2 emissions below 50 g/Km) – in the lineups of the 3008 (Hybrid4 and Hybrid) and 508 Hybrid (saloon and SW) models.

It should be noted that in absolute terms, taking into account the global market (LEV + thermal proposals), Peugeot started the year 2021 as the leader of the national market, selling 1,702 vehicles, thus guaranteeing a 14% market share.

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