‘PewDiePie’ is no longer the ‘king’ of YouTube

It was expected that the channel of the Indian music publisher T-Series outdid the Swedish youtuber in October last year.

The YouTube channel of Indian music publisher T-Series has finally surpassed the number of Happy ‘PewDiePie’ subscribers Kjellberg, after months of ‘showdown’ between the two channels.

According to The Independent, the pace of growth of the two channels led to forecasts that the T-Series would exceed ‘PewDiePie’ in October 2018. The timing was delayed due to a campaign of youtuber followers, which made the channel Kjellberg was still at the top.

Although outdated, it is worth remembering that Kjellberg continues to be the platform’s most popular youtuber since the T-Series is a channel powered by videos from several different groups. At the time of publication of this piece, ‘PewDiePie’ has 89,923,154 subscribers while the T-Series is already in the 89,922,138 subscribers.

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