Pharmácia Musical receives Marcos Ariel tomorrow

Brazilian pianist Marcos Ariel in a unique performance at Pharmácia Musical, in Lisbon

Tomorrow, October 28th, at 9 pm, Pharmácia Musical welcomes the renowned Brazilian pianist and composer Marcos Ariel in a solo performance. The musician will perform at the Graça space, which is already a reference for good music in Lisbon, following his performance with Banda Zil (the group he is part of) at Teatro Tivoli, which will feature the participation of António Zambujo.

Ariel prepared for this concert at Pharmácia Musical an alignment that includes different musical styles, such as jazz, classical, bossa nova and choro, as well as rhythms from various regions of Brazil. The musician will present his own compositions, such as Ponteio da Manhã, and classics such as Águas de Março, by Tom Jobim; Giant Steps, by John Coltrane; and Brasileirinho, by Waldir Azevedo, among others. During the concert, the artist will interact with the audience by narrating a little of the richness and diversity of these musical styles, talking about facts and curiosities of the songs that are part of the repertoire.

With a 40-year career and 30 phonographic works released, Brazilian pianist, composer, and music producer Marcos Ariel divides his time between the city where he was born, Rio de Janeiro, and Los Angeles, USA. Early on, his compositions crossed borders, such as the award-winning LPs “Bambu” (1983), which won the Chiquinha Gonzaga trophy, an important prize at the time, and was released in France in 1986, and the album “Terra do Índio”, which was released in the United States and elected by Jazziz magazine as one of the best jazz releases in the USA. In Brazil, this same record received the Brahma Extra Music trophy with the instrumental revelation award.

Marcos Ariel has performed in several concerts in Los Angeles on the circuits of Jazz festivals, such as the Playboy Jazz Festival, Santa Barbara Jazz Festival, and L.A. a la Carte, among others. With the concert “Tom Jobim & Le Jazz”, directed by saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella, Marcos Ariel brought together several Canadian and American artists for a great tribute to the Brazilian conductor. Currently, in addition to being a member of Banda Zil, the artist performs solo and is working on the release of his new CD, “Soul Carioca”, as well as dedicating himself to “Circuito do Piano”, a project in which he takes a little to the public. the richness and diversity of styles such as erudite, choro, jazz, and bossa nova, in addition to rhythms from all Brazilian regions.

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