Photojournalist Mário Cruz named in environment at World Press Photo

The Portuguese photojournalist Mário Cruz is one of the nominees in the Environment category of World Press Photo 2019, with an image of the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines, today announced the organization of the international prize.

The nominees were announced today on the online site of the award for photojournalism, which has been awarded since 1955, rewarding the most striking images collected the previous year in various categories.


“Living Among What’s Left Behind” is the title of the image captured by Mário Cruz, who is a photojournalist, but has developed this project in a personal capacity on Manila communities that live without sanitation, by the river, surrounded by garbage.

The image shows a child picking up recyclable materials lying on a mattress surrounded by rubbish that floats on the Pasig River, which was once declared biologically dead in the 1990s.

The nominees announced today in the various categories are all awarded and are integrated into the itinerant exhibition of the award, but only in April, the jury will divulge the photograph of the year and the various classifications in the respective categories.

This year, the jury of the 62nd edition evaluated 78,801 images taken by 4,738 photographers who competed for the prize.

In 2016, the photojournalist Mário Cruz won the first place in the Contemporary Themes category, with work on the enslavement of children – the Talibés – in Senegal (“Talibés – Modern Days Slaves”), which gave birth to a book after published in Newsweek, and which constituted a global alert. In Senegal, pamphlets were distributed with photographs made by you, and hundreds of children were rescued.


Today’s announcement includes the nominees for the World Press Photo of the Year and the new awards that have been created: the World Photo of the Year, World Press Photo Interactive and the World Press Photo Video ‘online’.

According to the competition page on the Internet, the six nominees for World Press Photo 2019 are Brent Stirton, Catalina Martin-Chico, Chris McGrath, John Moore, Marco Gualazzini and Mohammed Badra.

The three nominees for the World Press Photo Story of the Year are Lorenzo Tugnoli, Marco Gualazzini, Pieter Ten Hoopen, while in Contemporary Themes are in individual photos, Diana Markosian, Enayat Asadi, Mary Calvert and, in the stories, Catalina Martin-Chico, Olivia Harris and Philip Montgomery.

In the Environment category, besides Mario Cruz, in the individual photos are also named Brent Stirton, and in the stories, Marco Gualazzini, Nadia Cohen and Thomas P. Peschak.

In the General News category, Brendan Smialowsky, Chris McGrath and Daniele Volpe Volpe are named in the individual photos, while two works by John Vessels and Lorenzo Tugnoli were selected in the same category.

Alejandro Cegarra, Sara Blesner and Yael Marinez are nominated in the category of Long Term works, while in the category of Nature, were named in the individual works, Angel Fitor, Bence Máté, Jasper Doest and, in the stories, Brent Sirton, Ingo Arnedt and Jasper Doest.

In the category of Portrait are, in individual works, Alyona Kochetkova, Finbarr O’Reilly and Heba Khamis, while in the stories appear Jessica Dimmock and Luisa Dorr.

In sports, David Gray, John T. Pedersen and Terrell Groggins are nominated for their work, and in the stories are Elizabeth Ozturk Ozgoncu, Forough Alaei and Machael Henke.


Spot News are named Ezra Akayan, John Moore, Pedro Pardo, Andrew Quilty, Mohammed Badra and Pieter Ten Hoopen.

As for the new awards, World Press Photo Interactive of the Year is a finalist for “Flint is a Place” (produced by Screen), “Notes from Aleppo” (Paradox) and “The Last Generation” (Frontline and The Ground Truth Project).

As for the new World Press Photo Online video of the year, they are named “In the Absence” (Field of Vision), “The Legacy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy” (Univision News Digital).

These nominees are distributed in categories of interactivity, long and short works, being named, in the short duration, “Ghadeer” (production Chiara Avesani / Matteo Delbá) and “I just simply did what he wanted” (The New York Times ).

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