Piaget debates benefits and integration of acupuncture in health services

The cycle of online conferences 60 minutes of training in integral health, promoted by the Piaget Institute, ends this Tuesday, July 28th, with a debate on the theme “Acupuncture – Integration and Complementarity”.

This cycle of conferences has included different medical specialties in order to provide a perspective of different pathologies according to conventional medicine and from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

In this way, it will also be possible to better understand how both medicines complement each other and can be integrated into different health services.

In this Tuesday’s debate we will talk about the importance of good integration and the complementarity of acupuncture in the areas of health.

Speakers from different areas of health will be invited where this therapeutic technique has proved to be an asset. These speakers, conventional health professionals, will give their testimony of the experience gained from integrating and complementing their services with acupuncture.

The panel of speakers consists of Ana Mafalda Reis; Marisa Machado; Sara Moreira; Ana Gonçalves; and Sónia Chan. The moderation will be in charge of Maria João Santos.

The conference that takes place after 6 pm is organized by the Piaget Institute of Vila Nova de Gaia, which already includes in its training offer a degree in Acupuncture. The event has free access through registration through the Piaget Institute website.

In the previous three sessions of the 60-minute cycle of training in integral health, some of the pathologies increasingly common in our society were successively treated, namely hypertension, anxiety and infertility.

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