Piaget Digital Talks return this Thursday

This week, the Piaget Institute resumes the cycle of virtual conversations entitled Piaget Digital Talks, dedicated to the debate and sharing of best practices on the most current and relevant topics in the digital world. The first debate of this new cycle will take place this Thursday, November 5th, at 9:30 pm, with an online round table dedicated to the topic “Data analysis as fundamental training”.

The starting point of this virtual meeting is based on the premise that today – and increasingly in the future – data and information are a strategic asset for organizations worldwide. With each passing year, data generation increases exponentially. It is not surprising, therefore, that the prestigious British magazine The Economist still recently stated that “the most valuable resource on the planet is no longer oil, but data”.

It is against this backdrop of an increase in the capacity for obtaining and storing large volumes of information that Ricardo Simões Santos, director of the Higher School of Technology and Management of the Piaget Institute of Almada, who will assume the moderation of the debate this Thursday, launches the question: “What is the use of so much data if there is no one with the capacity to exploit it?”.

The answer may perhaps be found in the title of another prestigious magazine, this time in the United States, Harvard Business Review (HBR): “Data scientist, the sexiest profession of the 21st century”. The same is to say that the effective addition of value contributed by the data to the activity of companies and other institutions can only be obtained through an effective management of the same – and this will be the central theme for this Piaget Digital Talk.

The guest panel is made up of Miguel Santos, an IT specialist from the Public Administration, with experience in Data Warehouse and data analysis at the Tax Authority; Fernando Matos, chairman of the Data Science Portuguese Association; and Wilson Lucas, director of cybersecurity at the Social Security Informatics Institute and coordinator of the professional higher technical course (CTeSP) for Data Analysis in Information Management at the Piaget Institute.

In the moderation of the debate, in addition to the director of the Higher School of Technology and Management at Piaget, there will also be a student in the professional technical course on Web Programming, Devices and Mobile Applications.

Piaget Digital Talks will take place regularly on Thursdays and access is free and free for all interested parties, upon prior registration through the Piaget Institute website.

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