Piaget Institute creates new course for osteopaths with provisional ballot

2020 is the year in which the first licensed osteopaths in Portugal receive their diploma – many of them, from the Piaget Institute.

For this reason, and in accordance with Law No. 109/2019, of 9 September, it is also this year that the term for osteopaths holding provisional certificates begins to complement their training, in order to meet the required requirements. by ACSS – Central Administration of the Health System to obtain their definitive professional card.

According to a decision by the ACSS, the provisional Osteopathy certificates are valid for a period of two years, counting from the date of departure of the first graduate in this area in Portugal.

That is why professionals currently in practice should obtain the necessary complementary training in a higher education institution that teaches degrees in the context of regulated Non-Conventional Therapies (TNC).

In order to respond to this need, the Piaget Institute created a new course for osteopaths with a provisional certificate, with curricular units specifically selected according to the profile of each professional.

The course is available at the centers of Silves and Vila Nova de Gaia, and is taught by the faculty of the Osteopathy degree at the Piaget Institute.

After registration, the coordination of the Osteopathy degree will analyze the curricula and supporting documentation of each professional in office, proposing to the direction of the respective School and to the Technical-Scientific Council which courses are to be attended by each osteopath.

Depending on the training and professional profile of each one, the curricular units to attend may focus more on the theoretical scientific area of ​​Osteopathy or more on the professional scientific area.

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